Friday, October 30, 2009

Well that was great!

My friend Mike got his Sinister pet from the WoW Halloween event last night! Considering that we have been doing the event together for more than a week, its about bloody high time!

It allowed him to complete the event's meta achievement and get a title "The Hallowed". Too bad he never got the mount. /grins

I'm not sure if I will do more Headless Horseman runs. All my level 80 characters got the rings they needed for upgrades, my Death Knight got the DPS plate helm and the Paladin got the sword and mount. Druid and Shaman both got the pets. So I am content (compared to last year were my Warrior just did not win the DPS plate helm).

My Shaman run the regular ToC twice and got 4 upgrades, 2 to the heal set and 2 DPS upgrades.

My Hunter joined an AV game just to see how she would do, and we actually won the game (I was shocked). My usual tactic with the hunter is to play Defense, and it looked like it worked again. Nothing stalls a Horde charge better than dead healers. :D

Weekend plans: Some more ToC runs and heroics for my Shammie, some AV and questing on the Hunter, and helping out with whatever is needed in the guild (example I did the Anguish quest in Zuldrak for 3 level 77s last night for their weapon upgrades).

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