Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shammie and the Jesus-beam

Last night my Shammie joined a guildy for a run through regular Halls of Lightning. We both wanted the daily reward to get the Sons of Hodir rep token.

Joined by a DK tank, mage and undergeared Hunter, we made short work of the instance. Only deaths were twice the mage for some reason. On the second and last boss. Second boss, the AE damage got ahead of me and I just could not keep him and the tank up with Chain-heal spam.

On Loken, he went AFK and we pulled, and Loken's AE damage took him down. However we 4 manned Loken, while not running our of his Lightning AE damage attack. I was able to successfully heal through it.

I felt very pleased when all 4 group members thanked me for a great job healing. Who said healers get no recognition?

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