Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bearing up!

After getting distracted on Sunday night doing the cooking quests for the WoW Pilgrim's event (5 of my 8 characters leveled up their cooking to 300+), my Bear-druid got her playtime.

I started her off by just doing Wyrmrest reputation quests to get her head caster enchant. Played as a bear and started practicing the new key lay-out, tactics and strategies (as compared to Cat-druiding).

It was an interesting experience, and in short order I landed in instance groups doing the heroic daily, as well as Trail of the Crusader. Both I healed. I got the Black Knight's trinket for my tank gear on the 1st try!! /celebrate

In the Heroic, I got another tank upgrade the ring of the final boss in DTK.

I am pleased with my first nights of attempting to create a bear-set. I was also able to get some rare-BOE gear from our guildbank, that helped with a solid starter bear-gear set.

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