Monday, November 30, 2009

Pilgrim event

The Thanksgiving Pilgrim event was great for boosting all my alts' cooking that were under 300. But I only leveled my Druid's cooking to 350 (go go 80+ turkeys!).

But it was quick and cheap. I loved it.

Otherwise, my druid's gearing up is starting to hit a wall. Unless I get lucky with a heroic drop, its now waiting for enough badges to buy items from the conquest vendor. Her heal set is almost 2000, and her tank set is closing in on 1900 gear score.

Once both her sets hit 2000, it will be time to get cracking the Death Knight's tanking set.

Most fun instance of the week? Mmm. I think the UP, where we had a Paladin that was just chain pulling all the way. The only places we stopped was the 3rd and last boss. everything else, as soon as the last mob dropped, he would run off and pull the next group. Made for a very fast run - maybe lass than 30minutes.

Had a great weekend with my brother visiting, although most of the weekend was spent planning for our parent's visit in 2 weeks time. Really looking forward to seeing our entire family together for the first time in almost 12 years, as my youngest brother is making the trip to the US for the first time.

The kids got some new toys as well. The eldest already finished a new computer game we got her. And we put up loads of Christmas lights. Swag/drape lights along the front gutters of the house, and icicle lights along the garage roof's edge. Also added stake lights tot he pathway to the front door, with the kids' deer statues on the lawn.

Inside in the playroom, we hung LED rope lights all along the ceiling. My wife will be erecting the tree inside during the week I am sure.

The Holiday spirit is very excited in our house :D

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