Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend WoW Wrapup

Win7 was stable all weekend long. Only complaint was the network did not reactivate after computer returning from sleep mode. Recommendations are to replace the device driver. I plan to give that a try tonight.

Weekend gaming:
It was a little bit of everything. almost all of my top level characters saw some time in Scarlet Monestry - chasing the Headless Horseman. After my paladin's lucky break last week, I was not planning on getting anything.

But in the one group I ran with, we saw 4 Sinister pets drop! (I passed, since I have no love for pets), but lo and behold! After that run, I switched to my Shaman, did the Trick or Treat with the innkeeper... and got the Sinister pet.. Well well.

My Shaman also reached level 78 and was asked to heal a regular ToC instance. Took us 3 tries to get the Black Knight down, and I walked away with 2 level 80 healer items. I also joined regular Utgarde Pinacle run as DPS, and got 2 gear upgrades from the quest rewards.

She also did a couple of Alterac Valley runs for experience, but most of the runs were just a mess. However, when you find a good team that knocks over Drek in 12 minutes or less - its tough to go to bed.

In conclusion - PUGing is a win and a miss scenario. You NEVER know what you are going to get.

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