Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little time

Once I arrived home last night and booted up the gaming rig, I immediately used Blizzard's new service and changed my Paladin's race from Dwarf to Human. No more ugly!

Thank you Blizzard for allowing me to correct that 5 year-old mistake!

Other than that, I just dabbled a bit with my AH business, and did the Hodir dailies with my Shammie. later we did a quick Headless Horseman run, and my Shaman now has all 3 the rings from him - both caster and 1 melee DPS, for when she reached level 80.

I also studied a couple of level 80 talent builds to see where I went wrong in her Enhance and Resto specs. Will have to respec her when she hits 80. Then the tough choice... Level the Hunter or Warrior 1st? I'm leaning towards the Hunter.

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