Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting started on Windows 7

My copy of Windows 7 arrived a day early.

Never one to say "No thank you" to Lady Luck, I rolled the dice and start up my re-format, install and patching process last night.

I was shocked when I completed the new install in less than 1 hour. Patching is was less than 12mb and my machine only had 3 device drivers than did not came on the DVD...

I was able to start playing WoW after spending 15 or so minutes twiddling some settings.

Microsoft.. color me impressed. Been using every OS you created since Windows 3.1, and this was the easiest install ever.

Of course later in the evening I "broke" something and lost my visible mouse cursor and had to reformat, reinstall when a repair did not fix it. But once again the entire process took less than 45 minutes.

Time to buy that 2nd copy and install in on my wive's computer.

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