Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Fever in WoW

Every year since Blizzard introduced the Halloween event my characters have participated in the event.

And last night, after 3 years and I cannot count how many Headless Horseman kills, one of mine, finally got the Headless Horseman's mount!

My paladin is the lucky character.

Considering last year, when I tried to get the Plate DPS helm for my Warrior, where my warrior participated in 86 kills of the Headless Horseman - without ever winning the roll for the helm! (Of course this year, my Death Knight got it... go figure...).

Windows 7:
I continue to play around with tweaking some settings, but its been very stable. Only irritation I noticed was that it took a long time to re-establish the network connect when it wakes from sleep mode.
I remain very impressed with how stable and bug-free the install has been for me.

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