Friday, December 11, 2009

RL interruption

Work dropped an interruption in my gaming the past couple of days, but I atleast did 1 random heroic to get the quest rewards.

Last night I got DTK as my random heroic. I was once again the Paladin tank, DK, Mage, Elemental Shammie was DPS and a Shammie healer. We Breezed through the dungeon. The lowest DPS was clocked at 4K DPS... eep. Which my characters were that well geared. :D

But it was tough keeping multi-mob agro when all hell broke lose during a fight. I unfortunately took one for the team on King Dread the big dino (darn fears). But nothing serious, as he was at 1% health left.

But I am seeing very similar interaction as what other bloggers are noticing. People see hello, check if everyone is ready, and then nothing until the last boss is down for a "thanks for the run". Done.

If you are new to heroics, and do not know the tactic/strategies for each - you are going to be in trouble...

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