Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holy 3.3 Happiness!

/huge big HUG to Blizzard!

The new Looking for Group/Instance tool is amazing. I tried it for 3 random dungeons last night (before doing all 3 new 5mans in sequence). And it just WORKED.

I used my paladin, flagged her for both tank and heals, and waited.... less than 5 seconds for a group to form.

1st instance was Halls of Stone, no big deal, except for some reason after we downed the Maiden-boss, our instance ID reset itself, and we were told this is not our instance and ported out. :(

Next up, was a Heroic ToC. What was funny here, we had a mage die during the 2nd boss, and when he ran in - he was in a reset instance... We had to use our lock to summon him to get him into our instance.

Last run, AZN. Had an amazing 3 DPS members, blew through the instance in just over 15minutes - with me as healer and a DK as tank.

The new 5mans was interesting. We started a guild group, but healer had to go, so we hit LFG and found a great Shammie healer that has ran it before. The instances are not long, couple of trash , run to the boss and take them down. The gauntlet, fight where Frostmourne rested, and the chase by Arthas was some unique encounters in my mind.

Total upgrades for the night, 3 tank items, 2 heal and 3 DPS (not that I use them). Used my badges to upgrade my tank necklace.

Then flew to the Sons of Hodir and Argent Crusade quartermasters to buy the BOA shoulder and head enchants for my DK and Druid tanks.

I am so amazed by this patch - made my playstyle fun again!

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