Friday, December 4, 2009

DK tank hits 540 Defense

Well that was surprisingly fast...

Just yesterday I was reviewing the list of items I need to get to 540 defense to become crit-immune for raid bosses, and today my Death Knight is there.

First, thanks to my friend Kevin for spotting I did not have the tank chest piece from Wyrmrest. That was a quick purchase and enchant to boost my defense rating.

Then I visited the Emblem vendors and picked up a new tanking sigil with my Conquest emblems. This put the Dk at over 500 Defense, but not close to 540 I need for raid bosses.

I joined a guild run on the daily Heroic - Halls of Stone, and then tanked a PUG for the daily normal dungeon Halls of Lightning.

The HOL run is healed by an raid geared paladin (who just switched to Holy-spec), and my 1st time tanking an instance with the DK. But we had a couple of deaths of the lvl 78 Shaman, but noone else.

My critical analysis of my tanking performance: fair to good. I did not rush off without the healer having mana. I grabbed agro when adds were running all over the place, and did not allow mobs to get behind me were I could not parry or dodge their attacks.

And I was reward with the tanking trinket of Loken at the end! That pushed my over the 540 defense rating. I could swap out my defense necklace, for my higher item level DPS necklace, and still be crit immune. I won the need roll with a 1!

But the DK is now ready for any heroic. Her health and armor is nice and high, and her defense skill is where it needs to be. After patch 3.3 (when I hope Titansteel's prices drop), I plan to get the titansteel tank gear (neck, ring, helm and boots for DK, and ring + neck for Druid).
Defense: 540
Dodge: 19.60%
Parry: 12.92%

For my Druid, I joined 1 Wintergrasp offensive game, and we won and I collected 3 badges. Under 20 badges to go for her new tanking helm.

Also had a long chat on the way home with my friend Doug on his plans for the holiday season in the game.

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