Friday, March 12, 2010

Saurfang dies again on 25man!

Last night my guild joined our alliance partner Expire for a 25man raid on ICC. I had not planned to attend, but a shortage of healers convinced me to go help.

And was it a great experience. The two groups worked together flawlessly. Morrogar downed 1st try. Lady D needed 2 attempts, battlehsip in 1.

Saurfang needed 2 attempots, and then we got stuck on Fester... Had 2 solid attempts and 2 learning attempts. The last attempt we missed his anreage times while he was less than 10% and wiped the raid. We need to lift our average DPS (raid-wide) by maybe .5K DPS (across 15 DPSers) to down him.

I am sure that 1 or 2 upgrades per person, will lift our raid wide DPS during the next week to down the bad boy.

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