Thursday, March 11, 2010

Buyah! Saurfang down for the first time

My intrepid group of guildies hit the ICC 10man instance last night to continue our assault on Arthas' last hiding place.

Before we hit the first boss Morrogar, my Priest had enough reputation to upgrade her ring to the honored version. We then proceeded to 1shot the big ugly. The new Fury warrior in our team began getting loot like a Bandit.. :D

Lady D's 1st attempt was a wipe. My fault for being really rusty at raiding and standing too close to the tanks, and I got cleaved. More Fury warrior gear!

Battleship event was fun as always, and we got a mail drop and more DPS warrior gear. See a trend?

Then Saurfang. I gotten to him twice before, and the one night we wiped 5 or 6 times. Our first attempt, I switched to Shadow, to help DPS, but we wiped on around 10%. My DPS for the fight was around 2.7K DPS. Our Resto shammie said maybe he should DPS and I heal, as he does about 3.5-3.8k DPS in his elemental set.

And Bingo! Saurfang toppled! Nice cloth DPS item dropped, that went to our mage, and surprisingly.. a DPS 1h sword, that got sharded.

We moved on to the next section, and made it all the way to Festergut. We had 1 try on him, resulting in a wipe.

All in all a satisfying raid.

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