Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cataclysm Beta: Worgen

After finishing up the huge 13gb install, and then a 108mb patch, I finally got to play.

I immediately rolled a Worgen Warlock. In two sessions I reached level 7. The new starter area and quests and much more streamlined (almost feels like you are on rails).

I need to explore Gilthaens is bit more. I still do not know where most of the trainers, shops, professions etc are.

But the quests are very well done. Only the male Worgen model has been implemented and it looks great running around as a huge Wolf.

I had a couple of minor bugs that I reported:
On 1 quest you get a mastiff dog as a pet - it immediately despawned my imp!
Further when you are in the inn... the icon on your character portrait do not appear to show that you are "resting".

If I have time, I plan to look at the Human starter area next to see how the quest got changed there.

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