Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Battered Hilt adventure

During my various PUG adventures on my army of alts, I experienced a trill that I thought would be denied me for a long time.... in Heroic Pit of Saron, a trash undead mob dropped the Battered Hilt... This starts a quest that reward you with a ilvl 251 weapon of your choice... and a truly epic store/lore to go with it.

After a couple of weeks of internal debate, I decided to use the quest to upgrade my Druid's weaponry. I initially thought of getting her the tank/DPS staff, but ended up pursuing the caster/healer main hand mace. (I found I could tank as a Druid, I just preferred to heal with her - exactly the opposite of my paladin).

So over the past couple of weeks, I slowly but steadily advanced the quest line, until I hit the two big roadblocks. Having to -reforge the weapon in Pit of Saron, and then temper it in Forge of Souls instances... My Druid has never done them. Well well...

I put my self up as healer looking ONLY to run Forge of Souls (since that is required to unlocked Pit of Saron), and found a quick running PUG team. I was able to heal it pretty easily on Heroic (much to my surprise). Biggest trouble was the huge 5 pull packs and the AE ghosts near the final boss. Boss fights were easy.


Couple of nights later I once again braved the PUG line using DF tool for Pit of Saron. I only needed the 1st boss to forge the weapon, and had both tanked and healed the fight with my Paladin and Priest - so I was well educated on the fight). Still some how, I died, but we took him down. After a rezz from the tanking paladin, I was able to reforge Quel-Deran. Now to get it tempered... (We did complete the run and I got a caster staff from the final boss... talk about adding insult to an injury! I'm got to replace it soon! :( )

Over the weekend, I got a guild group to run Forge of Souls with me to get the blade tempered. The team breezed through the instance, and I was able to temper the blade in the chamber with the final boss.

The last steps of the quest line took my back to the Sunwell instance. After defending/assisting a long dead Sun Elf, I got permission to throw the blade into the Sunwell. After an interesting scripted piece, I got my reward: Hammer of Purified Flame

Not as imposing the the sword versions of the quest rewards, but its mine. :D


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